Clear bottom kayaks


We offer unique clear bottom tandem kayaks, which are stable enough for beginners while still providing tracking and speed to satisfy an experienced kayaker. It is a half sit-on-top kayak half canoe (hybrid). Our kayaks provide a window to the underwater world. It is an excellent way to explore marine life without snorkeling. All necessary gear is provided which includes boats, paddles, life vests, and helmets. (Helmets are required to La Jolla coves and shores).




Kayak rentals                          $79 / kayak / hour


Open ocean kayaking (please read carefully)


La Jolla: 

Sea kayaking is a high risk activity that can cause death or serious injury. The challenging and quickly changing weather and at times extreme sea conditions and dangerous sea caves greatly add to the risks of sea kayaking. Sea kayaking on your own in any area of the ocean should not be attempted by novice or first time kayakers or anyone who is not properly experienced, trained, conditioned and equipped. Extreme weather conditions may be encountered at any time and the sea conditions may become dangerous without warning.Ocean currents of considerable strength may be encountered both near and offshore. Ocean water temperatures range from the 50s (°F) (10°C) in the winter to the upper 60s (°F) (20°C) in the fall.

Always observe and evaluate sea conditions before entering the water. Be alert to wind, wave, and currents at all times. Sea caves can be very dangerous, large waves or swells can fill a cave unexpectedly.

In extreme weather conditions, high tides and waves over 3 feet our clear bottom kayaks will be unavailable to rent for the La Jolla location.


Because these kayaks have transparent bottom, the base is thinner than a regular kayak, therefor weight limit is 400 lbs / kayak in flat water (bay), and 350 lbs / kayak in the ocean. 



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